Kitagawa Kaiseki: 8-Course Set Meal, Valid Daily! Only $38 instead of $120! Premium Option available.

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Kitagawa Kaiseki: 8-Course Set Meal, Valid Daily! Only $38 instead of $120! Premium Option available.

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Mon, 16 Jul 2012 11:00:00 +0800
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Kitagawa Kaiseki: 8-Course Set Meal, Valid Daily! Only $38 instead of $120! Premium Option available.
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  • Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese multi-course meal, also known as Degustation
  • Kitagawa's Kaiseki 8 Course Menu is a specially-crafted seasonal menu utilizing only the best ingredients imported from Japan
  • Premium option available: The Tokubetsu Kaiseiki 8 Course Menu at $48
  • Ambient restaurant overlooks driving golf range at Orchid Country Club
  • Free parking and shuttle bus service from Yishun MRT
  • Option 1: $38 NETT for 8 Course Kaiseki
    • Zensai: Nanban Zuke, Hiyayako, Garden Salad with sesame dressing
    • Sashimi Moriawase
    • Yakimono: Salmon Teriyaki, Hotate Niniku Yaki,Ika Shoyuyaki
    • Teppanyaki: Moyashi Itame
    • Nimono: Oden
    • Agemono: Katsu Moriawase
    • Katsu Curry (Choice: Chicken katsu OR Tonkatsu) served with rice Miso Soup
    • Dessert
  • Option 2: $48 NETT for Premium 8 Course Tonkatsu Kaiseki
    • Zensai: Ohitashi, Maguro Salad, Pitan Tof
    • Sashimi Moriawase
    • Yakimono: Ebi Mayo, Tai Kabayaki, Salmon Belly Shioyaki
    • Teppanyaki: Enoki Butteryaki & Choice (Garlic Beef or Garlic Chicken)
    • Nimono: Buta Kakuni
    • Agemono: Tempura Moriawse
    • Kitagawa Maki & Choice: Su Udon or Su Soba
    • Dessert
  • Internet banking available, email for more information
  • Valid till 26 August 2012
  • 1 voucher per person. Strictly no sharing of voucher
  • Applicable for Dinner only from Tuesday to Sunday, 6pm-11pm (last order 10pm).
  • Closed on Monday
  • For Dine-in only 
  • Prior reservation strictly required. Call 6852 0128 to make your reservation. Subjected to seat availability
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  • Not valid with other promotions
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Kaiseki — the Ritualistic Japanese Dining Tradition — is The Rage in Singapore now!

Known to the western world as Degustation, Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese multi-course meal. Each dish is meticulously prepared, paying attention to the finest of detail, aiming to enhance the flavour through the balance of taste, texture and presentation. All the ingredients are fresh and homemade recipe. The dishes themselves are also arranged and garnished delicately, akin to Western haute cuisine. Even the tableware was selected to complement the food by their look, size and color!

Option 1: $38 For Kitagawa Kaiseki 8 course!


1st Course: Appetizer Zensai

Left to To Right: Nanban Zuke (Vinegared fish), Hiyayako (Cold Tofu served with shoyu sauce), Garden Salad with sesame dressing

2nd Course: Sashimi Moriawase

Chef's Choice of Assorted Sashimi (3 kinds)

3rd Course: Yakimono (Grilled Seasoned Fish Dish)

Salmon Teriyaki, Hotate Niniku Yaki (Grilled whole scallop with garlic mayo), Ika Shoyuyaki (Grilled marinated squid)

4th Course: Teppanyaki

Moyashi Itame (Pan fried bean sprout)

5th Course: Nimono

Oden (Japanese one-pot dish in which ingredients are slowly simmered in soy sauce based soup)

6th Course: Agemono

Katsu Moriawase (Deep fried breaded scallop, prawn and potato korokke)

7th: Main Course

Katsu Curry (Choice: Chicken katsu OR Tonkatsu) served with rice, Miso Soup

8th Course: Dessert

Homemade daily dessert

*Complimentary Edamame per table


Option 2: $48 For Tokubetsu Kaiseki 8 Course!


1st Course: Zensai

Ohitashi (Boiled vegetable marinated in light soy), Maguro Salad (Homemade tuna salad), Pitan Tofu (Homemade tofu served with century egg paste)

2nd Course: Sashimi Moriawase


3rd Course: Yakimono

Ebi Mayo,Tai Kabayaki, Salmon Belly Shioyaki

4th Course: Teppanyaki

Enoki Butteryaki & Choice (Garlic Beef or Garlic Chicken)

5th Course: Nimono

Buta Kakuni (Braised pork belly with chef's special recipe)

6th Course: Agemono

Tempura Moriawse (Deep fried prawn and vegetables in batter)

7th: Main Course

Choice: Su Udon or Su Soba

8th: Dessert

Homemade daily dessert

*Complimentary Edamame per table


What they say

 "..  went to Orchid country club and had dinner at Kitagawa. A really superb japanese restaurant! I could say they serve the best japanese fare! It was so damn good, i think i was smiling throughout the whole dinner. Had their famous dragon roll, which sounds corny, but tastes fantastic."

-- ItsyBitSee 

".. made my first trip to Kitagawa Japanese Restaurant inside the Orchid Country Club in Singapore, enjoying good food, a nice atmosphere, and good company. First, the dragon roll, which was a favorite of everyone at the table. I didn't get a picture of the beef, as it didn't look like anything special, but it was everyone's favorite. It was so tender it seemed to melt in the mouth. Some of the best beef I've ever had."
-- Peregrine (Online)

"This rare hidden gem in the north is splendid with it's beautiful landscape, ambience and the vast greeneries. Grab a window seat and enjoy scenic views of the golf course. The chef takes great effort to ensure that every dish served is enjoyed from the start to the last bite! Definitely worth every dollar spent! I'm salivating at the pictures now! Oh yes.... free parking and shuttle bus from yishun MRT too!"
-- Grace

Kitagawa Restaurant Pte Ltd

Orchid Country Club
1 Orchid Club Road
#02-02 Driving Range
Singapore 769162

*Free parking
*Free shuttle bus provided by Orchid Country Club from Yishun MRT and back to Yishun MRT. Click here for details.

Tel: +65 6852 0128

Opening hours:
Tues - Sun
11:15am to 3pm (Lunch,last order 2pm)
6:00pm to 11pm (Dinner,last order 10pm)

Closed on Mondays