Frequently Asked Questions

How does work? brings you the most anticipated deals every day, at discounts ranging from 30%-96%. Besides, we also collaborate with other merchants to get you the best deals all over Asia. Here’s how to get started:

Step One: If you want to buy an '. l('', $base_url) .' deal, simply click BUY NOW and enter a few quick details. Similarly, if the deal is provided by our deal partner, you would be directed to the respective site to make your buy.
Step Two: Once you have purchased the Alldealsasia deal, an email with an e-voucher attached would be sent to you.
Step Three: Print the e-voucher and present it at the merchant to redeem your deal to enjoy an awesome experience for half the original price or even less!

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General FAQs

  1. What's the difference between and other deal sites?

    We provide our own deals and at the same time, we are also a deals aggregator, in which we consolidate deals from other deal sites in our website so that deal lovers can simply visit our site to check out different deals from various deal sites. Hence, you can find all the best deals under one roof and reduce the hassle of browsing so many sites to find the best deals.

  2. What is the difference between “ADA Deals” & “All Deals”?

    "ADA Deals" represents deals provided by All Deals Asia whereas "All Deals" represents deals provided by various deal sites that we consolidate from.
    You can find all the best deals under one roof and reduce the hassle of browsing so many sites to find the best deals.

  3. I have already purchased an All Deals Asia voucher, how do I redeem my product or service?

    Please refer to the ”Conditions” of the deal that you have purchased for details on redemption.

  4. Can I redeem my voucher via my Alldealsasia app?

    You can only claim if it is stated in the deal’s "Conditions".

  5. When can I redeem my voucher?

    In most cases, immediately, up till the date of expiry, unless otherwise stated in the “Conditions”.

  6. I have yet to receive my voucher. What should I do?

    The vouchers will be sent to your email immediately upon payment. Check your junk or spam folder if you do not find your e-vouchers. Alternatively, you can download your e-voucher by clicking on “View Order History” upon logging into your account on . Drop us an email at TRUE)); ?> for any assistance required.

  7. I accidentally deleted the email containing the e-voucher, how can I retrieve it ?

    Simply download your e-voucher by clicking on “View Order History” upon logging into your account on .

  8. I have yet to receive my product, what should I do?

    Please check the “Conditions” listed on your e-voucher if you missed any redemption steps. If you followed the steps but did not receive your item(s), send us an email at TRUE)); ?> and we will get right back to you.
    Registered postage is recommended, as neither the merchant nor All Deals Asia will be liable for the loss of mail via Normal Postage.

  9. Can I change the name on the e-voucher as I am purchasing it for my friend?

    No. However, the vouchers are transferable (unless stated otherwise) and your family and friends can redeem them on your behalf.

  10. Can I combine my voucher with other offers or specials when redeeming at the merchant?

    No, unless indicated otherwise.

  11. Do I need to use the full value of my voucher at one go?

    Yes, you will need to use the full value of your voucher at one go. There will not be any in-store credit or cash-back for any portion of the voucher value that is not utilised.

  12. Is there any way for me to extend the validity period of the vouchers?

    No. Please check the validity period before making any purchases.

  13. What happens if the merchant stops operations or closes down before I am able to utilise the voucher?

    We will issue you a FULL refund of the voucher(s) that you have purchased. Please email us at TRUE)); ?> with subject header “Request for refund”.

  14. I missed last week’s deal, can I purchase it today?

    Our deals are listed live only for a limited period of time. Please check our website daily for updates. Sign up for our newsletter or like our FB fan to receive the latest deals & promotions. Grab your favourite deals before they expire!

  15. How can I feature my business on

    If you are interested in selling your products or services through All Deals Asia, please email TRUE)); ?> .

  16. Does "Voucher redemption period" and "Travel validity" mean the same thing?

    In the “Conditions” section of your deal, you will find the "Voucher redemption period" and "Travel validity". The "Voucher redemption period" is the period within which you need to contact the Travel agent or hotel to pre-arrange your travelling dates. The “Travel validity" is the period within which you can utilize the voucher to travel to your destination.

  17. What are blackout dates?

    Blackout dates refer to dates on which the voucher cannot be used. However, for certain deals, there may be an option for you to make a top up to redeem the voucher on the blackout dates.

  18. I'm travelling with my family and we have children. Do I need to purchase vouchers for them?

    Yes, unless indicated otherwise under “Conditions” of the deal, one voucher is required per family member regardless of age.

  19. I plan to travel alone but the deal requires a minimum of two purchases. Can I still purchase the deal?

    No, unless indicated otherwise under “Conditions”.

  20. Who do I pay surcharges to?

    Surcharges are payable directly to the travel agent.

  21. What is a coupon code?

    The coupon code provides additional discount on top of our offered selling price on All Deals Asia.

  22. How do I use my coupon code?

    Insert your coupon code and click on ‘Apply to Order’ on the checkout page.

  23. How to obtain coupon codes?

    They are given out during All Deals Asia's special promotions or events which will be announced through our website, Facebook page or Newsletter.

  24. How often is the AllDealsAsia daily newsletter sent out?

    It is sent daily to our subscribers. Please .

  25. What if I have changed my current email address?

    Please go to and click on “Edit Profile” to change your email address. Alternatively, you can email TRUE)); ?> and provide us with your current as well as new email address.

  26. I have a question on a Partner deal that I have bought.

    Please email us at TRUE)); ?> with your question and we will get back to you rightaway. Otherwise, you may wish to contact the deal partner directly by referring to the table below.

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FAQs on Payment

  1. What are the available modes of payment?

    We provide two payment options:
    1. Paypal and Credit Cards
    2. Bank Transfer
    Option 1: Paypal and Credit Cards Paypal payment is the preferred mode to ensure safe and secure transactions. Note: if you do not have a paypal account, you can always make your payment using major credit cards that are supported by Paypal.
    Option 2: Internet Bank Transfer To make payment via Internet bank transfer, kindly transfer the correct amount indicated in the deal to any of the following accounts:
    Payee: All Deals Asia
    1) DBS Current 074-902-0270
    2) UOB Current 324-303-417-3
    After your transfer, please email TRUE)); ?> with the subject heading, “Payment via Internet Bank Transfer”. Please include in your email
    1) Title of Deal
    2) Bank transferred to (POSB/DBS/UOB)
    3) Transferred Amount
    4) Date & Time of Transfer
    5) Choice of item

  2. Are there any hidden charges or commitments?

    No. Any additional charges or top up cost will be indicated in our “Conditions”.

  3. Why is there additional $1 charged by Paypal?

    For security reasons, paypal could temporarily freeze $1 for the verification of your credit card, but it will be eventually refunded to you in 1-2 weeks.

  4. Refund policy:

    All refund requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Exchange is usually covered by merchants and clearly stated in Terms and Conditions of each deal. Warranty when provided by Merchant ranges from 1 mth – 1 year depending on the deal that you purchased. For enquiries on your orders, please email us at

FAQs on Invite a friend

  1. How does it work?

    We reward you with ADA$ credits when you invite your friends, colleagues, and relatives to! What’s more, once they register on , they will receive ADA$ credits straightaway to spend on any deal they like. So why wait? Log on to your account now to send an invitation to anyone you know whom enjoys great discounts.
    For a successful referral so that you will receive your ADA$ credits, your friend needs to be a new member of All Deals Asia and purchase a deal within .

  2. Why should I invite a friend to All Deals Asia?

    Like our deals or enjoy huge cost savings from our deals before? Then, share the good things in life with your friends by inviting them to All Deals Asia! When your invited friend signs up for an account and buys the first All Deals Asia deal, ADA$ credits will be added to your account! What’s more, your friend gets ADA$ credits to spend too.

  3. How can I invite a friend to All Deals Asia?

    In your All Deals Asia , click on “Invite a friend” tab. Under the “Invite Now” tab, you can find your unique referral link, which you can post on your website, google+ or blog to allow people to sign up. You can also invite them using Twitter, facebook or the email option provided. All Deals Asia reserves the right to withdraw the ADA credits if the referral system is found to be abused.

  4. Will I earn ADA$ credits every time the same friend I invited makes a purchase?

    No, you will earn ADA$ credits only for your invited friend’s first purchase of an All Deals Asia deal within . To earn more ADA credits, invite more friends! The ADA $ credits will be credited to your account only after from the date of your friend’s first deal purchase. Kindly note that if your friend cancel his/her deal within this - period, the ADA credits will not be credited to your account.

  5. Do I get credits if my friend purchases a free deal?

    No, you are not entitled to any credits if your friend purchased a free deal.

  6. I received All Deals Asia Invitation codes from three people – do they all get rewarded with ADA$ credits each?

    Unfortunately, only the friend whose last code you clicked on will receive the ADA$ credits.

  7. Can I refer as many people as I want?


  8. What does the status "Expired" in Invite History section mean?

    An expired status means that your friend has signed up on All Deals Asia, but not purchased a deal, thus you will not be able to re-invite your friend to All Deals Asia. For a successful referral, your friend needs to be a new member of All Deals Asia and purchase a deal within . However, if your friend does not use the free credits within , but has already signed up, you will not be able to earn the ADA$ credits, and you will not be able to re-invite him either. His ADA$ credits will expire in 3 months.

FAQs on ADA credits

  1. What are ADA credits?

    ADA credits can be used just like cash at to offset part of your ADA deal purchases, up to the redeemable credit value limit. This varies for each deal. You will receive ADA credits when you refer a friend, buy a deal, participate in special ADA activities or receive a bonus. Use your ADA credits on any selected ADA deal but please note that ADA credits are not redeemable for cash and it cannot be used in conjunction with coupon code.

  2. Where are my ADA credits?

    In order for you to receive ADA$ credits for inviting a friend, your friend needs to click on the unique referral link, sign up for an All Deals Asia account and purchase an All Deals Asia deal within .
    Please check the “” tab for the list of friends who have accepted your invitation. If they buy a deal within , you will be rewarded with ADA$ credits from the date of their deal purchase.

  3. How much are ADA credits worth?

    If you reside in Singapore, ADA$1 credit is equivalent to S$1.

  4. How can I spend my ADA credits?

    You can use your ADA credits on any applicable All Deals Asia deal by selecting the option to redeem your credits at the checkout page. The credits that can be used are also shown on each deal detail before you proceed to checkout page. ADA$1 credit is equivalent to S$1. Do note if you have more credits than can be used for the deal, the balance will be accumulated on until it expires.

  5. Where do I find the amount of credits that can be used on each deal?

    You can see the amount of credits that can be used on each deal from Main page and each deal detailed page. Please note that this varies for every deal.

  6. When do my ADA credits expire?

    Your ADA credits expire after a period of 3 months from the latest date of ADA credits credited into the account. With each addition of new ADA credits, the expiry date of the credits will extend by 3 months from the latest date of credits issuance. For example, on 3 Mar 2012, you have ADA$10 credits expiring on 3 June 2012. When ADA$10 credits are added to the account on 12 Mar 2012, all your ADA$20 credits will expire on 12 June 2012 instead.

  7. Can I exchange ADA credits for cash?

    The ADA credits are not redeemable for cash and can only be used to offset future deal purchases. All Deals Asia reserves the right to withdraw the ADA credits if the referral system is found to be abused.

  8. How can I check my ADA credits activity and balance?

    You can view your ADA credits on .

  9. Is there a limit on how much ADA credits I can earn?

    Absolutely not. Keep referring your friends, and we’ll keep thanking you with ADA credits.

  10. Do my initial ADA$ credits expire after ?

    No, like other ADA credits, they expire in 3 months. However, to help your friend earn his or her ADA$ credits, you might want to spend your ADA$ credits within from registration on