As shown and Highly Recommended on女人我最大: Japan Suntory Milcolla Collagen or Bifidus Oligo @ Only $58. (Worth $78) Free Registered Airmail per order!

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As shown and Highly Recommended on女人我最大: Japan Suntory Milcolla Collagen or Bifidus Oligo @ Only $58. (Worth $78) Free Registered Airmail per order!

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As shown and Highly Recommended on女人我最大: Japan Suntory Milcolla Collagen or Bifidus Oligo @ Only $58. (Worth $78) Free Registered Airmail per order!
We accept:
  • Direct Supply from Suntory, 2 choices: Japan Suntory Milcolla Collagen / Bifidus Oligo
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Japan Suntory 5000mg Milcolla Collagen Powder

  • No fishy smell or taste
  • Taste just like milk powder
  • 2 packets is needed for 1 month supply
  • Suntory recommends to drink at least 3 months for optimum results
  • Each packet of Milcolla is bubble wrapped with the scoop spoon included
  • Just 1 scoop per day is enough (please use scoop spoon provided in order to ensure sufficient intake of Collagen powder)
  • Can be mixed into any kind of food as per introduced in 女人我最大
  • Features:
    • For those with skin concerns as they age
    • For those who desire flexible and moist skin daily
    • For skin that looks eternally youthful
    • An easy collagen supplement
    • For those who have been looking for an easy beauty regiment
  • Product Details:
    • Only 25.3 calories
    • Contains no artificial coloring of fragrances
    • Contains 105 grams (Approximately 15 days)
    • Powder type

Japan Suntory Bifidus + Xylo Oligo - 30 sachets 1 packet (1 month supply)

  • Best Detox and Cleansing supplement ever!
  • Features:
    • For those who want to start the day fresh
    • For those who want to have more harmony in daily living
    • For those who want to keep your inside body clean
    • For those who want to be more conscious of over eating
    • For those who want to be more particular about their health
  • Caution:
    • Take contents immediately after breaking the seal
    • Should you experience any discomfort such as itching, rashes, or gastrointestinal problems, please cease consumption
    • If you pregnant or are breast feeding please do not use
    • If you are taking any medicine please consult your doctor before using
  • Multiple purchases of vouchers as gift allowed

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  • Voucher is valid from 10 September 2012 to 17 October 2012
  • Redemptions of multiple vouchers per person is allowed
  • Free Registered Airmail per order
  • Free Air Parcel delivery for purchases of 5 packets and above
  • Non-exchangeable and non-refundable

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Suntory Milcolla 5000mg Collagen Powder

The beautifying power of low molecular weight collagen and milk ceramide Milcolla! As ageing occurs, the time also comes to be proactive in taking care of physical beauty.  Suntory presents an easy one-spoon-a-day beauty supplement for moist skin with a youthful like flexibility with Milcolla’s soft collagen and moist milk cream formulation. 

Taking collagen with your regular meals can be difficult but with one spoon of Suntory's Milcolla Collagen supplement beauty powder, you can easily receive 5000mg. Typical collagen has very large molecular weight making it difficult to absorb. With that thought in mind, Milcolla was created. With Milcolla's easy to absorb small size you can take in approximately 60 times the amount of collagen as other collagen sources. Beauty loss in old age is a necessary concern, however you can't loose with the strong proactive support of this beauty formulated supplement. Make a habit of Milcolla.


In each spoonful, you receive collagen peptide, milk ceramide, and the added beauty support of vitamin C, milk calcium, and vegetation based lactic-acid bacilli.


Mix in with a beverage or food of your choice

In order to achieve beautiful and well developed formula“Milcolla” is a powder-like beauty products, not only with age and with decreasing collagen, but also rich in collagen generating the required vitamin C, by the moist milk extracted calcium, and Suntory original plant lactic acid bacteria, etc., through careful research and special attention to the formula, for every beautiful woman to do backup.

Taking a teaspoon a day can be as long as the intake of these nutrients, for the beautification of the age will be able to help.In order to facilitate the continued use of specially developed a daily powder formulations. “I wanted to beautify the age of the most important thing is to preserve”, starting from this point of thinking, Suntory adhere to facilitate continuous production of collagen drink. In order to facilitate join in a variety of drinks and food, the nectar Kena made into powder, flavour with a touch of milk, can be joined with personal preferences in coffee and soup, you can easily intake. In addition, low-fat and does not add any sugar and spices, even if the ongoing weight loss program people can feel at ease to use. I hope you can continue to experience the “honeydew kena”, the power of beauty, full of dazzling smiles through everyday.

Suntory Bifidus + Xylo Oligo 30 sachets 1 packet (1 month supply)
Individually Wrapped Sachets for Convenience and Portability
Japan Suntory Bifidus:Receive a fresh dose of Bifidus daily!

Within our body there are over 100 types of bacteria to support good health which are constantly in flux increasing and deceasing. In recent years studies have shown how important these bacteria are and how much they affect daily health.

Bifidus is known important factor for maintaining a well balanced healthy body but are also know to decreasing in production with advancing age, irregular eating habits, stress, insufficient exercise and smoking amongst others causes. 
To compensate for the loss and preserve a balanced inner health, try the double power of developed and formulated Suntory Lactobacillus Bifidus + Xylo-oligosaccharide.

Dietary Information:

Per one pack (1.9g)
Bifidus 100mg
40mg lactic acid
0.51g dietary fiber
750mg Xylo-oligosaccharide
7.52kcal Calories
0.02 ~ 0.05g Protein
0 ~ 0.04g Fat
1.80g Carbohydrates
0 ~ 10mg Sodium
10mg Potassium
10mg Phosphrous 

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