BABOR Beauty Fluids ~ 14pcs @ $188 instead of $392. First 50 customers get freebies worth $148!

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BABOR Beauty Fluids ~ 14pcs @ $188 instead of $392. First 50 customers get freebies worth $148!

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Tue, 15 May 2012 11:00:00 +0800
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BABOR Beauty Fluids ~ 14pcs @ $188 instead of $392. First 50 customers get freebies worth $148!
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  • Meet BABOR, the 'King' of Beauty Ampoules. Also known as:
  1. The inventor of the beauty ampoule
  2. The largest ampoule manufacturer in the cosmetics industry
  • Made in Germany (not 'Formulated in Germany' but made in other countries)
  • Consists of 14 vials of highly concentrated fluid with active substances, each 2ml for 1 single use 
  • Only S$188 instead of S$392
  • Complies with HSA guidelines
  • Extensively used at premium boutique and luxury hotel spas worldwide such as Ritz Carlton Hotels
  • Suitable for all skin types, both males & females
  • Effective results visible in every use
  • Perfect for Mother's Day: She deserves the BEST, forget about the rest!
  • 14 ampoules consist of:
  1. 2 x Hydra Plus Active Fluid: An invigorating thirst-quencher for any skin that needs moisture. Hyaluronic acid supplies intensive moisture and binds it in the skin. 
  2. 2 x Algae Plus Active Fluid: A pure wave of fresh moisture with the power of the ocean. This concentrate with natural plankton algae extracts delivers long-lasting moisture and detoxifies your skin.
  3. 2 x New Skin Fluid: Water-soluble ceramides contained from sunflower seeds, extracts of white lupin and plantain regenerate the lipid matrix for an instant pore-refining effect.
  4. 3 x Collagen Booster Fluid: Stimulates the skin’s own collagen production and reorganises the collagen fibers in a regular, tight structure – for a firmer skin.
  5. 3 x 3D Lifting Fluid: Acts in 3 ways to erase the tracks of time. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, tightens the skin tissue, firms contours and reduces double chin. Organic silicon improves cross-linking and thus improves the structure of the connective tissue.
  6. 1 x Direct Beauty: The instant beautifier for any big occasion. Contains pearl powder and silk extracts that lends any tired skin a fresh and radiant appearance. Most commonly used for bridal make-up.
  7. 1 x  Sea-creation Fluid: Luxury skincare with the highly effective active ingredient BABOR thermophilus from the deep sea plus silk and pearl proteins to pamper the skin and reveal its true beauty. 
  • Voucher is valid from 1st May 2012 - 30th June 2012. Strictly no extension is given for expired vouchers.
  • Non-refundable, non-exchangable but transferable
  • Unlimited purchases per person, buy multiples as gifts!
  • Self-collection at My Cozy Room Boutique Spa. Please call +65 6732 0030 and quote "AllDealsAsia" to make an appointment. 
  • 1 box consists of 14 vials of 7 different types. 
  • Ampoule expiry date: December 2014
  • First 50 customers will receive a complimentary 1 x BABOR Sensational Eye Treatment with Glacier Crystals (45mins) worth $108 and 1 x Doctor BABOR Collagen Booster Cream sampler (5ml) worth $35
  • Not valid with other discounts and promotions
  • Purchased e-vouchers are delivered to your email inbox upon payment completion; Alternatively check your All Deals Asia account to download vouchers 
  • Internet banking available, email for more information

Thinking of what to give your mom for Mother's Day? Here's a gift that you may find it worthy of her. 

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa is proud to present to you one of our flagship product series -- BABOR beauty ampoules:

'The Most Concentrated Form of Skincare'

Known as the 'King' of ampoules, BABOR is the original inventor of the beauty ampoule in the 1970s and currently the largest manufacturer of ampoules in the cosmetics industry. The effect of BABOR ampoules is unsurpassed to the present day.

In celebration of Mother's Day, My Cozy Room Boutique Spa has launched the BABOR Limited Edition Ampoule Gift Set that contains 14 precious beauty ampoules for an enviably fresh looking complexion in one single use! It's a great way to treat your skin :)


Freshly packaged in bright, spring colors, you can indulge in a 2-week intensive beauty treatment with these 2ml highly-prized BABOR ampoules, and look forward to an enviably younger-looking complexion. Ideal as a gift for your loved-ones, your one and only beloved mother or even yourself!


We can't help but emphasize on the QUALITY.

Each ampoule is guaranteed by on-going research and a sophisticated manufacturing process.

About 2 years of research go into each ampoule that BABOR launches in the marketplace. An ampoule undergoes hundreds of tests. If the test results are unsatisfactory, its research process must begin again with an improved formula.

Thus, this mere 2ml of highly concentrated fluid is enough to achieve visible results in every use. So what you are getting is nothing but probably the BEST.

Today "Made in Germany" stands for technical excellence and top-quality worksmanship. The brand BABOR was launched in the 1950s. 55 years later, the company's manufacturing quality has secured itself a leading position in the world of professional cosmetics.

It is not difficult to identify a quality product. BABOR's products are manufactured in Germany and therefore contain a seal labelled "Made in Germany". On the other hand, many inferior imitation brands use the term "Formulated in Germany". This means that they are manufactured elsewhere, especially in countries with low standards and where labour and raw materials are cheap. This explains their low price. 


BABOR - Endoresed as Germany's premier professional skincare range with cutting edge patented ingredients and from organic plants, Asian herbs and marine sources.

With 56 years of history in the global beauty industry, BABOR is adopted by leading spas and beauty institutes in over 70 countries and are used to service the clients of Ritz Carlton Hotel Spas worldwide and 1st Class lounge of Air Emirates and Lufthansa Airlines. 

BABOR has received numerous recognizable awards such as:

Spa Diamond Award for Beauty, 2010

Nominated Best Anti-Aging Products of the Year (2006-2009)

Beauty Forum Awards 2010 (Germany)

Check out BABOR COMPANY MOVIE here & you will understand what is called QUALITY in a Professional Brand like BABOR

About My Cozy Room Boutique Spa

My Cozy Room prides inself in providing quality and effective treatments. We are a proud partner of BABOR.

Training Certificate Awarded by BABOR International

My Cozy Room is a tranquil spa haven set in a charming 2-storey shophouse at the vicinity of the bustling Orchard Road. Its home spa experience indulges your senses with luxurious BABOR products through the warm renewing hands of our therapists.

Experience boutique spa for life's little indulgences to ensure your body, mind and spirit are well-nourished. The values of My Cozy Room are no hard-selling, no client discrimination, and no thoughtless pushing of products. We genuinely care about our customer's welfare, and as friends, all we want to do is to help customers love themselves. 

This is the reason why My Cozy Room is awarded a CaseTrust accredited spa where our customers can experience a peace-of-mind, stress-free treatment, certified therapists and our commitment to service excellence.

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We are proud to be patronised by International Hollywood Actress/Producer/ Trainer – Marjean Holden

Promotional Offer: Mother's Day 

BABOR Limited Edition Ampoule Gift Set at S$188 (Usual Price: S$392)

First 50 customers who purhase this deal will receive the following freebies:

1) FREE: 1 x BABOR Sensational Eye Treatment with Glacier Crystals (45mins) worth $108 (includes: Facial deep-cleansing, Exfoliation, Eye-brow trimming, Manual & Glacier Crystal Eye Massage, Eye Mask with head & shoulder massage)

Using BABOR patented wrinkle-reducing Complex Regu-age & puffiness-reducing complex in the fast-absorbing Sensational Eye Cream, this Eye Treatment instantly restores elasticity of connective tissues in a short time, making dark rings, fine-lines and puffy eye bags fade away.


2) 1 x Doctor BABOR Collagen Booster Cream sampler (5ml) worth $35

 Awarded as the Best Product of the Year in 2009, this product is a revolution in skincare: an effective alternative to anti-wrinkle injections. Restructure and lift the skin from inside. Reduce fine lines & wrinkles & inhibits the degradation of collagen fibers.


My Cozy Room wishes all mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day! 

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